MIddle East

Yes, it has been quite some time since I have written. Life happened and then you don’t have the time to blog. But, I’m back and ready to share all my little adventures. So, here we go!

Middle East.

With everything that’s been happening there, it was a shock for many people when I discussed traveling there and exploring for a month. I am the type of person that often runs into the fire and thinks about it afterwards. And I have a boyfriend whose crazy enough to follow me there.

As it happened, I have family living in Israel so it was a no brainier that I visit them. However, going to Jordan and Egypt was the most shocking due to the fact that the revolution has just erupted 2 months before we were to travel there. Violence and fear are often thought of when thinking of this part of the world. And although we were cautious it did not stop our curiosity and determination to travel there.

Above are images of the trip and the people that we have met during our time there. From the powder beaches of Til Aviv, the wonders of Petra and to the hot desserts in Sinai filled with the most incredible people, it has certainly become one of my most memorable travels.

My memories of sharing stories and fresh peach juice with the local doctor in Sinai and doing home visits with the nomadic Bedouins in both Jordan and Egypt, has been an incredible experience that I will take with me for a long time. 

As a woman it was an eye opener to see first hand how traditions dictate actions and way of life. In one of our days in Sinai, I was left by the men to spend time with the women of the tribe, and although we did not speak each others language, we understood without words. We laughed, we ate and most importantly created many creative hand gestures! 

Not only were we welcomed by the most friendly people but we also learned and were able to understand more about the world, which has changed our decisions and views on many issues.

So be bold! Go out there and do something unexpected, you might be pleasantly surprised with what you find!

Brooklyn Memoirs: Fulton Ferry State Park

It was not long ago that this hip, DUMBO location was filled with run down warehouses and shady cobblestone alleys.

In November 24, 2004 I set out, along with a few hundred people to watch a surprise performance, which was rumored to be none other than U2 at the Fulton Ferry State Park. We were all weary and a bit confused by the location. There were no galleries, no beautifully restored buildings or trendy bars. What surrounded us were old forgotten warehouses and buildings. As we waited for over an hour, we suddenly heard a loud booming noise and helicopters above us. We looked towards the Manhattan Bridge and witnessed one of the most incredible musical entrances. U2 on top of a flatbed truck, waiving to the crowd while playing Vertigo. The crowd went wild!  This became one of the most incredible musical experiences that many of us have witnessed, and to this day one of the most memorable experiences that I have living in New York City.

Today, this neighborhood has developed into a trendy area and would be unrecognizable from what it was eight years ago. They have added a carrousel, and given beauty to this tiny park, that I believe is one of the best-hidden secrets of Brooklyn, if not New York City. Go visit and you will not be disappointed.

The photographs above show images from the surprise concert, as well as the current addition to the park, which is the newly restored carrousel.

Long Drives, Medieval ruins, Glacial Waters and North Spain

I have to admit, that before I venture on a trip I don’t get excited until I step foot on the new country. For our trip to Spain, I was completely blindsided. It felt like falling in love. Discovering Barcelona was wonderful but the road trip in North of Spain was truly electric.

My curiosity was peeked when a friend showed me an image of her in the water near the Pyrenees. I did the research but was not prepared for the reality.  Crystal clear blue glacial waters, medieval ruins of a forgotten village, and the 360 view was just too overwhelming.

During our road trip we found the most enchanting scenery, and spontaneously stopped at a village or hiked towards ruins or went for a swim in the freezing water. I never had as much fun getting lost as I have in Spain. 

In all my years of travel, those moments were one of the most unforgettable and remarkable.


Arragon: road trip, glacial waters and medieval ruins

Cadaques: Salvador Dali’s home town and delicious churro con chocolate